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    Better way of doing a display



      Better way of doing a display


      I have a database setup for a gym, it uses input from FMP12 to display on a projector using FMP12. I'm looking at upgrading to FMS14 and FMP14 and want to take advantage of webconnect. And thought I would look at redoing the display while I make the shift.

      The display simply displays workouts in an 6x3 grid. Currently I use 6 portals. The changes I'd like to see is to be able to have portal records for each workout showing the line items related to each. I want to do this to apply conditional formatting as well as have a vertical scroll. Is there a way to do this?

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          This would not be possible with just a 6 x 3 grid of portals and you haven't told us much about what those "line items" are and what you want do do with them besides display them. Are these 18 one row portals? if so, additional portals can show the line items.

          It's also possible to use a popover to display the line items if displaying/editing those details on demand is desirable.

          Scrolling? Ummm scrolling what exactly?

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            Sorry didn't give more details.

            I have a table called "Workouts" and it has a related table "_Workouts", which contains information about the exercise they;re doing, including sets, reps, etc.They are linked together via "WorkoutID". 

            In an ideal world I would have 18 seperate Portals each showing information from _Workouts. I will be having conditional formating, but in the future there will be popovers showing a video of the exercise and any other information my staff might need. The "master page" (the page with the 18 portals) is a page whose dimensions match that of our display. So no scrolling on this, but possibly scrolling on the portals. 

            Is there a way to do this, now that you have more information?



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              It seems pretty straight forward to me and except for the popover, the design would be the same in both versions. When you go to set this up, where do you encounter difficulties?

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                How would I get each popover to show a different workout? If I have a grid of 18 portals (_Workouts), how do I get it to show records (Workout) 1-18  that's where I'm getting hung up. I've included my DB relationships. 

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                  I have questions about the records in your tables.

                  What does one record in Workouts represent?

                  What does one Record in _Workouts represent?

                  What does one Record in Exercises represent?

                  There's one more table there than I expected from your original post and need to see how this all fits together. I'm wondering if your portals shouldn't be listing records from Exercises instead of _WorkOuts in order to show the "line items" you mentioned originally.

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                    One record in Workouts represents an instance in which a client has come in and we have prescribed a workout to them. There is a one-to-many relationship to _Workouts, each record in _Workouts contains an ExerciseID, Sets, Reps.

                    I always use the analogy of an invoice solution, where Workouts would be an invoice, _Workouts is a line item on the invoice, and Exercise is a "product" on each line item. 

                    Which table were you referring to? "SmartBoard" I created this table, the current layout I'm using to display is based on it. It uses a Global field that gets the current date and filters the display to only workouts for the day. The layout is 6 portals side by side, displaying 1-3, 4-6, 7-9, 10-12, 13-15, 16-18. This does work in a limited fashion. 

                    Hope that makes sense.

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                      It actually raises new questions.

                      What exactly are you intending to display on your screen?

                      A set of selected workouts not specific to any one client?

                      A set of selected workouts for one specific client?

                      Each of the 18 might be selected for a different client?

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                        The display will be showing 18 workouts for 18 different clients. The workouts are specific to each client. The system is set up in a way that there are two fields in each "Workouts", one named "Complete" and one "Display". If a record is set to Display=1 it will show on the screen, and if it's set to Complete=1 it won't show on the screen. We often will have 60+ workouts made for the day so we need a way to select which are displayed. This is where "Display" comes in.