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Better way to organize people names than creating "Person #1", "Person #2", "Person #3", etc....

Question asked by MarkPeters on Jul 18, 2011
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Better way to organize people names than creating "Person #1", "Person #2", "Person #3", etc. fields?


I'm writing a screenplay and creating a database in FM to organize my notes and ideas.  

One category that I would like to sort my records when brainstorming is by the names of the people the record may pertain to, but each record can pertain to more than one person.  I simply made 5 fields, Person #1, Person #2, Person #3, Person #4, Person #5, and entered the names for each record, (though the number of people per record varies, and the order of input is more or less random).  

So if I want to sort by "John Smith", my problem problem is that "John Smith" could appear in any of Person #1 - #5 fields.  Obviously, I could simply search "John Smith", but my concern is that I may not want to see the records where "John Smith" appears in a different field. A better example might be if I had Location #1, Location #2, Location #3, and I want to sort for all the records that have "Texas" entered into one of the 3 location fields, but NOT the record that happens to mentions "playing the card game texas hold em" in the "Scene Description" field (which would of course show up if i did a simple search for Texas.).  

I know the examples I'm giving sound tedious, but I just have a feeling my current structure will cause me limitations down the road, and that there very well could be a simple technique that I'm unaware of that would really streamline my database.  Any thoughts?  thanks