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Better way to sort on a layout in list view

Question asked by Mitch on Jan 3, 2013
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Better way to sort on a layout in list view



     I have a number of layouts in my database that are displayed as lists.  The data for each layout is drawn from multiple related tables.

     In the header of each layout I have created text headings for each column of fields.  Each of these column headings are buttons that run a script that will sort the relevant tables (therefore the column) alternating ascending or descending depenaing on a value in a 'sort' field.  The sort field holds a value that determines the last sort , whether ascending or descending, and therefore what the next sort will be when the script is ran again.

     Each column heading has a seperate script.  Each tables has one 'sort' field.

     This method is invloved and heavy depednatn on the use of scripts, especially considering I have four layouts that are viewed as ists, each with around 10 columns of fields.

     Is there a better, simpler and more efficent way?