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    BEX Error on Value Lists in FMP 12



      BEX Error on Value Lists in FMP 12


      We are getting reports of FileMaker crashing with a BEX error when users enter a field containing a drop-down list. It had been happening in only one database, but is now happening in another, completely different one. 

      It appears that all users who experience this issue are using Windows 7. I was able to replicate the problem once in the first database where it occurred, and got a BEX error, as shown below. I cannot verify that this is the same "fault module" as the others, as I was not able to gather that information from the users.

      My version of the FMP software at the time was, but others who reported the error had the most recent version of the software. All users so far appear to have been using Windows 7.

      Any ideas?


      Problem signature:

        Problem Event Name:    BEX

        Application Name:    FileMaker Pro.exe

        Application Version:

        Application Timestamp:    507477a9

        Fault Module Name:    COMCTL32.dll

        Fault Module Version:    6.10.7601.17514

        Fault Module Timestamp:    4ce7b71c

        Exception Offset:    0002321d

        Exception Code:    c0000409

        Exception Data:    00000000

        OS Version:    6.1.7601.

        Locale ID:    1033

        Additional Information 1:    959a

        Additional Information 2:    959a95f9d66970b48d7acf71a8c266c9

        Additional Information 3:    6f41

        Additional Information 4:    6f41b49c674a7e4f36abdfdaa18e0e1c

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          Possible bugs should be reported over in Report an Issue.

          I suggest recovering the file and testing the recovered copy to see if the issue recurs. Crashes can damage a file and file damage can cause crashes so for both reasons, it's a good idea to check your file for damage.

          value lists interact with field indexes and recovered files have completely rebuilt indexes. So it is possible that simply rebuilding the index may be sufficient to correct the problem. If your recover reports no problems and the recovered copy seems to work without issue, try generating a new recovered copy where you use advanced recover options to "copy file blocs as is" and to "rebuild indexes".