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bi-directional relationship

Question asked by keypix on Feb 7, 2013
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bi-directional relationship


     Hi, I hope somebody can point me in the right direction to what is probably a very easy solution to something I cannot fathom out.

     Here is a simplified version of my problem:

     I have 2 tables & corresponding layouts: 'Coloured Baskets'  & 'Coloured Balls'

     Each table has 5 records, 5 Coloured Baskets, 5 Coloured Balls

     In the 'Coloured Baskets' layouts I have created a drop down field to choose a Coloured Ball to go into each Coloured Basket record.  So far so good this works fine.

     I would like a field in the 'Coloured Balls' layout to automatically reflect which Basket each ball has been dropped into as the Records in the 'Coloured Basket' table are updated. (This is the bit I cannot work out how to do)

     Any pointer would be most appreciated and apologies for dumbing down the problem but it's the easiest way I could think of explaining it.