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Big Buttons to post Times

Question asked by gldiaz on Aug 23, 2011
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Big Buttons to post Times


 I am needing help in the following:

I've created a small data base, using FMK11, for my "Touch screen laptop".
I need (3) Buttons, showing a Start time, Arrive Time and End time with  a calculation of time used.
I am hoping for something along the line of (3) Big Buttons, pulling system times, and calculating time used.
They might look along the line of :

Button 1= "Start of shift".  If, I touch the "Start button" and it should post time in a box below the "Start BUtton" the existing system time, giving me my "Start of Shift time". ( I still need the option to adjust time entered system time, if need be.)

Button 2= Arrival time. (I touch this button,  it too should post my Arrival time to my Destination) with allowance to adjust the time and finally,

Button 3= Clear time. ( I wish on this button,  to post my departure time from the location).  Yes, here too, I would like to be able to correct the time, if needed. (

Each "Button" not withstanding what their are titled, should be pulling initial times from the system.  Each button will post the time in a box below the Titled Button.

Therefore. It might look similar to :

Today's DATE :MM/DD/YY

1. [Start]          [Arrive]       [Clear]

2. {hh/ss]         [hh/ss]        {hh/ss}

I would like a total hours noted between the Shift Start time and End Time. ex. (8hours worked) " or whatever is calculated.

 Note: line 1 (just above) is shows "Touch Buttons" and if I click or Touch the button Line 2 entries will display.
          line 2 (just above) shows the resulting times.

So, can someone help me with creating this script or direct me to a possible existing Knowledge Base/ Forum solution
which may already exist.

Thanks for the help in advance.