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Big picture question: Setting up the Structure.

Question asked by 4hotshoez on Mar 31, 2009
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Big picture question: Setting up the Structure.


I am new to FM, because Bento will not do all that I want to do.  I am trying to run a service business shoeing horses feet.  Horses live in stables with addresses and need to be scheduled and serviced regularly.  Horses have owners that pay the bill (invoice). Owners likely have more than one horse that may or may not live at the owners home. Each horse will have a record of past service (trim, shoe type and size, photos, measurments, notes, etc.), which should be reviewable for progress.  Horses also have vets and trainers that need to be contacted from time to time.  It seems that everything revolves around the horse, but the horse does not pay the bill.  What is the recommended structure to set this all up?  I have done the tutorial, but they do not give advice.