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Big problem with ESS after updating to FMSA

Question asked by AndrewAngell on Aug 25, 2010
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Big problem with ESS after updating to FMSA


We're running FMSA 11 on OSX Snow Leaopord.  We've got FMP11 on client machines.  I've had External SQL Sources configured and working correctly with MySQL on our web server for quite some time now and have never had any issues.

My client installed the update for FMSA and they're now running  Ever since that happened, though, my FileMaker layouts that are attached to MySQL using ESS are doing some very strange.

I've got a table in MySQL called products with basic fields like name, price, description, etc.  I've got a very basic layout in FileMaker to display that data and allow you to add, update, delete records, etc.  Simple stuff.

Well, for some reason now, any time I edit a TEXT field of any value on a FM layout attached to MySQL and commit the record it seems to "take" for just a moment and then immediately wipes out every character but the first one in the string.  For some reason FM can only send a single text character to MySQL. 

When I connect to MySQL directly using phpMyAdmin, Navicat, with web apps or even the command line it works perfectly so the problem is definitely with FileMaker.

I've checked all script triggers for the layout and objects on the page.  I checked the File Options dialog.  I've checked auto-update and calculation fields to see if anything could possibly be doing this.  None of that stuff is even set.  These MySQL layouts are very basic text/number fields with no formatting or anything applied.  The text fields are the only ones having a problem.  Numbers seem to be fine.

I've tried shutting down all of the files and saving compact versions and then restoring from those.  Same problem.  I've also tried removing the MySQL ODBC Driver from the OSX Server and re-installing/configuring it but now I'm back in the exact same boat I was before.

I'm completely stumped.   It really seems to me like maybe there's a bug with ESS and this new FMS11 update. Or, maybe it wants us to go ahead and use the most recent MySQL ODBC Driver now..??  All of the FM documentation says you ahve to use version 3.51 so that's what I've always used before.  It does still work except for you can't update products without losing all your text values. 

Any information on this would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!