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Bill of Material Simplified??? Maybe?

Question asked by Badam on Sep 19, 2013
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Bill of Material Simplified??? Maybe?


     I have a data base where I am trying to create a Bill of Materials. I want to use a number of templates that are used to build a finished product. The templates would vary based on different options contained in the finished product. From the research I have done this is a very complex project so I had an idea that I think simplifies this process but I am not enough of an expert to know for sure if it makes sense.

     I would store each of the templates stored in excel spreadsheets (part numbers and quantities)

     The user would enter the desired option and Filemaker would import the appropriate file.

     Part numbers and quantities would be imported the into a join table between BOM and parts list

     After the import I would just need to assign each part a Job number to show that group of parts for that particular system in a portal.

     The BOM lines would show in a portal on the BOM layout and that table would have the job number.

      From there the user could add or remove portal rows to customize the finished product. Once it was finalized; I would want for the BOM to be locked and no longer allow changes.

     Does this approach make sense or am I way off base??

     Any help would be much appreciated.