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Bill Summary fields

Question asked by Kat11_1 on Aug 10, 2011
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Bill Summary fields


I have tables

Customer information -----< Bills-------< Line items

Customer Services ---------< Line Itmes 2 (2nd occurance)

I have a script that creates a new bill record and finds all the active services for a customer and creates bill line items for them.

I have a layout / report - Bill based on Line Items table that lits all the line items for each customer's inividual bill. I have summary fields (Category  subtotal, Bill subtotal, Bill tax subtotal, total  due) in the Line Items table that properly display on this report.

I would like to get these bill totals into the Bills table record so I can display just the bill totals via a portal on the customer bills' tab.

I tried to create a loop that puuts the summary fields from the Line Items into a Global  and than into the field in the Bills table. Doesn't work.

I am sure there is an elegant  solution ... can any of you help?