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    binding files into a runtime solution



      binding files into a runtime solution


      Have created small database for a friend. Running Filemaker Pro 10 Advanced on Mac running OS 10.4. Have tried following all instructions using Developer Utilities to create a runtime solution for her. She can't open in on her PC running Vista.


      Instructions say something about using Developer Tools for Windows. If this is what is wrong, how do I access those?


      Not sure what I am doing wrong. Should I be able to create a Windows compatible runtime solution on my Mac for use in Windows? How?

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          You have to create the runtime on a PC (or on an Intel Mac using Windows and Bootcamp or equivalent).  Try installing your FMP on a PC using your FMP CD and copy over your .fp7 file(s) from the Mac to the PC.  Bind them under Vista the same way you did on your Mac.


          Hope this helps…  


          P.S. Don't forget to deactivate your FMP license on the PC when the job is finished.