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Birding Database

Question asked by ReidAllen on Oct 22, 2012
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Birding Database



     I'm a birder.  Thus, I have lots of lists of birds seen here and there.  What I'd like to do is explained below:

     Iowa has 99 counties, and I keep a list of bird species seen in each of the 99 counties in Filemaker Pro 11.0v4 (currently 12,700 records)..  There are about 400 species that might be seen in the state, ie. 39,600 potential records.  I would like to be able to create a list for each county that shows me the birds I have seen and those I'm still looking for.

     It seems to me that somehow I should be able to connect the 12,700 records with the 400 species and with the 99 counties to produce a checklist for each county.  And not have to enter the 400 species for each county.

     I know this sounds goofy, but lots of birders are goofy!

     -Reid Allen