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Birthday Calculation will not update

Question asked by user447 on Oct 12, 2010
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Birthday Calculation will not update


I have a birthday calculation that works fine to determine the age in years, months and days.  However.....the calculation will not "hold true" with the passage of time.  The only way to get the calculation to update correctly is to delete the last digit of the year of birth and replace it.  For example, one date of birth was 9/15/42.  The calculation reads 67 years, 1 months and 17 days.  but if I delete the two in 1942 and replace it, her birthday re-calculates correctly to show 68 years, 0 months, and 27 day. 

Seems if the calculation works correctly once, it should update the result daily.  Is this not the case?

Thanks for any insight!