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    Birthday Sort For Beginners



      Birthday Sort For Beginners



           I am a newbie to Filemaker and  I am having trouble figuring out a sort that I want: I am trying to send out a greeting to my clients on their birthdays.  The best I can do is sort based on year, with all the months in order.  How do I sort my clients based on their MONTH and DAY of birth, and completely disregard their year of birth?  My current birthday format is yyyy-mm-dd.  I tried searching the forums already, but everything I found went right over my head.  Thanks.

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               Is the birthdate stored in either a field of type date?

               If so, you can enter this criteria in a find to find all the people with a birthday on a given month and day:

               If you want to find all people with a birthday on June 5th, enter this criteria:


               If you are not storing your birthdates in a field of type date, you should change the design of your database so that you are storing them in date fields putting dates in text fields causes all sorts of issues you can avoid by using the correct data format for your field.

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                 Yes, I have the birthday stored in a Date Field, with yyyy-mm-dd as the format.  I don't really need to do a Find because all my clients have birthdays.  My problem is the Sort.  I want to run a sort and create a report with all my client's birhdays from January to December, not by Year they were born.  My problem is I don't know how to create the custom value sort under the Birthday field the right way to eliminate the year of birth, and then sort by month and then secondary sort by date.  

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                   Sorry, but a number of posters say "sort" when they mean "search" and I mistakenly thought that's what you wanted from the context of your question.

                   Define cBirthday as an unstored calculation field:

                   Date ( Month ( BirthdateField ) ; Day ( BirthDateField ) ; Year ( Get ( CurrentDate ) )

                   be sure to select Date as the result type and use the storage options button to make it an unstored calculation. (If not unstored, it won't update with each new day's current date.)

                   Then define a second calculation field cBirthdayMonth for the month such as:

                   Month ( cBirthday )

                   You can then sort your records by cBirthdayMonth to group them by month and can sort them by cBirthday within that group.

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                     No problem with the "search" and "sort".  I understand how those can get mixed up  Because every client record has a birthday tab, I don't need to "find" the ones with the birthday tabs, I just need to "sort" them by birthday month and day.  I appreciate your response but it went way over my head, as I am really new to filemaker.  I barely figured out how to use the "find" button this past week.  I have included a screenshot of the layout where the birthday field is, again it is formatted by yyyy-mm-dd.  Any way you could dim down your response so a guy like me would understand?  From what I have tried/understand, I hit the "sort" tab, click "birthday" so it's the only option in the "sort order" column, then, with "brithday" in the "sort order" column, I click on "custom order based on value list", then "manage value list" and I cannot figure out the right forumla to sort by month and day.  That is where I am stuck. or maybe I'm just going down the wrong path in the first place????


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                       Here is the layout screenshot with the Birthday field

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                         This has nothing to do with your layouts. You need to select Manage | Database | FIelds from the File menu and add two new fields of type calculation to your table. My previous post described the calculations that you would use for each.

                         After opening the manage database window and selecting the correct table from the drop down, enter the name of the new field, select "Calculation" from the Type drop down and click the create button. Then use the specify calculation dialog that appears to create the specified calculation.

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                           I figured it out.  Don't ask me how, but I got the cBirthday up and it is the exact report that I need.  Thanks for the help, PhilMod.  I would not have been able to do it without you.  I really appreciate it.