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      I'm not sure if i explained it clearly below but here's my dilemma:


      I have a database where we store all the information on our staff. In this database, I have a calcuation that states : If ( Month ( DOB ) = Month (Get ( CurrentDate )) and
      Day ( DOB ) = Day (Get ( CurrentDate ));1)


      In the other database, I have it a relationship for the calculation field in my personnel database (i.e, this relationship is only true if the month and day matches a birthday). This way, on birth dates, a little message pops up that says "Happy Birthday! XYZ" and a little picture.


      This is not working :(. This link does not dynamically update daily, so i have to manually check if anyone has a birthday on any particular day and then retype their birthday into the DOB field to force the calculation to update.


      Is there a way to automate this? If so, how? 

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          from what you said the relationship can't work correctly because that calculation must be unstored.


          So the simplest way to solve the problem is an opener script ( a script that fires when daily you open the DB ) that makes that calculation and puts the result into a normal number field.

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            Stephen Huston

            This is something that could be done with the webviewer (data-viewer area) set to display the desired message (encoded as html) only IF the calculation is true:

            If ( Month ( DOB ) = Month (Get ( CurrentDate )) and Day ( DOB ) = Day (Get ( CurrentDate )). -- The calculation gets built into the data-viewer criteria.


            This requires only that the birthday field to be evaluated is available as a local- or related-field on the layout where you place the webviewer.


            Webviewer content refreshes itself and requires no calculation field in any table to complete its test of an available field.


            Stephen Huston