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    Bizarre behavior trying to import .txt file



      Bizarre behavior trying to import .txt file


      I have a .txt file that was created by saving the forms data from an MS Word Forms file.

      When I first tried to import it, all of the information showed in the import dialog as aligned with the first field in my database.

      In trying to debug the problem, I created a clone of my FM file and repeated the import command on the same file. The fields showed as expected, and the import dialog indicated that this was "record 1 of 1." When I imported, FM created 12 records: the first one was correct, and the others reflected paragraphs marks in the .txt file.

      I then re-cloned the original file, and imported all of my records. I then tried to import the .txt file and got the original behavior: all of the .txt info aligned against the first field.

      Any ideas what is happening?

      Using FM 13.0v5 and OS X 10.10.4 on a MacBook Pro Retina display.

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          William -

          Thank you for your message.

          I suspect what is happening here is that the text file that was saved out of Microsoft Word is not a true comma separated text (CSV) or tab separated text (TAB) file and that it has some "control" or otherwise "invisible" characters in them that make sense to Microsoft Word but not to FileMaker Pro.

          You might want to taker a closer look at the text file itself to make sure it does not have any funky characters or formatting that might cause FileMaker Pro to think everything belongs in one field or in one record.

          And, just to rule out an issue with your FileMaker Pro file itself, take the text file from Microsoft Word and drop it directly onto the FileMaker Pro application icon.  This will prompt FileMaker Pro to create a brand new file based on the content of the text file.  If the same behavior happens using this method then you know for sure it has to be your text file.

          FileMaker, Inc.

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            TS_Shark -- dropping the text file onto the FM application creates 12 records that appear to be identical to the records created when I import into my database.

            But that doesn't explain why the import dialog behaved differently. I tried to repeat the behavior and couldn't: now, even if I create a new clone, the import dialog shows all of the first line of the .txt file aligned to field 1.

            And I forgot to mention this ... I restored an earlier version of the FM database, and I can import the exact same .txt file with no problems. I do get 12 records because of the returns in the file, but the first record is imported correctly.