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Bizarre behavior trying to import .txt file

Question asked by WilliamDuncan on Aug 11, 2015
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Bizarre behavior trying to import .txt file


I have a .txt file that was created by saving the forms data from an MS Word Forms file.

When I first tried to import it, all of the information showed in the import dialog as aligned with the first field in my database.

In trying to debug the problem, I created a clone of my FM file and repeated the import command on the same file. The fields showed as expected, and the import dialog indicated that this was "record 1 of 1." When I imported, FM created 12 records: the first one was correct, and the others reflected paragraphs marks in the .txt file.

I then re-cloned the original file, and imported all of my records. I then tried to import the .txt file and got the original behavior: all of the .txt info aligned against the first field.

Any ideas what is happening?

Using FM 13.0v5 and OS X 10.10.4 on a MacBook Pro Retina display.