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    Bizarre problems with checkboxes and radio boxes



      Bizarre problems with checkboxes and radio boxes


      I am posting two posts because these are two separate problems with the same feature.

      The first one-

      I created a database using Filemaker Pro and set it up so that the checkbox and radio box fields allowed the user to add "other."

      I then purchased Filemaker Pro Advanced and made a runtime version of the database. When I attempted to use the runtime solution, the "other" option showed up on the list and allowed me to type something in, but forced me to revert the field before doing everything else. It did not accept my selection of "allow" and simply kept giving me the choice until I selected "revert."

      I noticed that in Filemaker Pro Advanced the fields are controlled through a different system- through the inspector. So I created a new field and a new value list and set it up as checkboxes. this didn't work either. This time, in FMPro Advanced, it inserted an upside-down, reversed image of the whole field.

      I went back into my runtime and played that and now IT is making the reversed/flipped image as well.



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          Hi Kathryn Whitaker:

          Thanks for posting.

          I have created a runtime solution that contains a checkbox field set to allow entry of other values.  So far I’ve been unable to reproduce the issue that you are having.  When I setup a checkbox field how you described, the runtime solution will pop up a window when choosing the other option.  I could then add a new value successfully.

          What are operating system and language of the machine you are using?

          What version of FileMaker Pro Advanced are you currently running?

          For your value list, are you using values from a specific field, or are you using custom values?

          Where do you have your runtime solution folder stored?  Is it in a location that may restrict its permissions?

          Does the runtime solution display the same behavior on different machines? 

          You will want to first test with a new database file with a checkbox field and see if the same behavior occurs in the runtime solution.  I would also suggest trying the runtime on different machines if possible.


          FileMaker, Inc.

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            It is a problem both in the runtime and in the FM Advanced (original) version. What is odd is that the runtime version was not doing that earlier or on others' computers and originally was not doing it on mine. The runtime solution's "other" submissions were not working on PC or Mac versions of the runtime, but the inverse picture was not an issue.

            I did notice that as soon as I imported the database into fm advanced the fields stopped working properly.

            I am using a value list that I created- it is not accessing any other database. There are no restrictions to me on my computer. The folder is on my desktop. Since the actual original database is doing it too, then I can't see that the restricted folder thought applies.

            Could it be that a runtime, if installed on a computer with the creation application, will default to accessing some files or plugins that might be corrupted in filemaker pro advanced?

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              Just for chuckles I zapped preferences and the cache and it made no difference.

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                Kathryn Whitaker:

                At this point, I would suggest testing this with a new database file.  This way we can see if it’s an issue with your database file, or with something else on the machine.  I would like you to try the following troubleshooting steps.

                First, create a new database from the quick start or file menu.  In this new database, go to file->manage database and create a text field called checkbox.  Next, under the edit menu go to layout mode so you can select the text field on your layout.  Make sure the inspector is checked under the view menu.  From the inspector, go to the data tab and set the control style to checkbox set.  Click the pencil icon next to values from, which will allow you create a value list.  Choose the new option and add a custom value list with the values of one, two, and three.  In the inspector make sure “allow entry of other values” is checked so the other option appears in the value list.

                Does the checkbox field turn into an inversed image on the new database?  If not, create a runtime solution from this new file and test if the checkbox displays correctly from the runtime.  If these steps do not reproduce the issue, it could point to corruption in your original database file.


                FileMaker, Inc.

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                  Hello TS,

                  Thank you. I ran through all the steps (except making a run-time since the same problem exists in my original). The problem did not replicate, so you are right- it's my database. Do I have to start all over again? I tried removing the connection between the field and the values and then reconnecting them the "new" way. I thought maybe since I had originally created it in FMPro (where you select the field options in a dialogue box instead of the inspector) and that perhaps FMPro Advanced worked better with fields that are et up within the inspector. Yes- grasping at straws... It didn't work

                  Before this inversion occurred, the "other" boxes simply ran people in circles, forcing them to eventually hit "revert." Occasionally one field would work. Not sure if this provides a clue about what happened in the first place.

                  The big question now is, how do I fix it without having to start from scratch?

                  I have another problem which I will ask on a different forum.

                  Thank you!

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                    I went back to my original file that worked very well when I last used it. After I made the whole thing with a startup name, I created a clone and renamed it. I have not touched the original file since. I opened that original file and it is now doing the same thing. How can that be? My backup is now corrupted too?

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                      Can you upload a copy of your solution here to look at?

                      www.dropbox.com is great for file sharing...

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                        Hi RJ-

                        Thanks. I got a Dropbox account, but I don't see how I can post a link to it. It says I have to enter email addresses. If I put a link here will everyone be able to download it if they wanted to?  I have a runtime for Mac, a runtime for PC and the original file in Mac format. Which would you want to see? I have not seen the reversing problem on the PC version- just that the "other" boxes didn't work. I built it on the Mac. 


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                          Kathryn Whitaker:

                          Your database file may have some corruption that is causing the inverted image in the checkbox field.  Here are a few troubleshooting steps that you can try on your database.

                          1. In FileMaker, go under the file menu and select the option “Save a Copy as.”  In the “save a” dropdown list, select compacted copy (smaller).  Now open the compacted copy and see if the inverted image is still there.

                          2. Make sure FileMaker is open, but your database file is closed.  Under the file menu select the recover option, then choose your database file.  Once the recovery finishes, test the newly recovered database.

                          3. Open your original database file, then under the record menu choose the option for show all records.  Under the file menu, select the option export records.  Choose to save the exported records as comma-separated text file (.csv).  Now under the file menu, select the option “Save a Copy as.”  This time, select the option clone (no records).  Open the empty clone and first check if you still see an inverted image.  If not, you can go under the file menu and choose import records and file.  Select the csv file, and you should get the import mapping window.  Chose arrange by matching names and use add new records for the import action.  Make sure the fields match up correctly, and then hit the import button.  When the import completes, test and see if the inverted image occurs or not.


                          FileMaker, Inc.

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                            I tried what you suggested (items 1 and 2). I didn't do number three because I had already and the problem still occurs. I should be clear that the inverted field image goes away when I navigate from the page. It is the problem of it creating it every time I try to use the "other" option. It appears at least to be entering the item into my merge form, whereas the runtime versions were refusing to let people out of the loop and forcing them to revert the field. I can't understand why it would morph to a different problem.

                            I made a little video with SnapzPro that I could upload if your system lets me. It shows what happens.

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                              same thing happened with me - a much less sophisticated db than Kathryn's, but equally puzzling - as soon as you 'allow other entries' in a radio button field and select 'yes' to another entry, the field mirrors itself as many pixels below the top of the window as the original was above the bottom of the window .. changing the window size changes the location of the phantom field ..... and again this disappears when you navigate away or resize the window..

                              I've tried a number of suggestions from above ... any update?

                              (using FMP 11 on Mac 10.5.8)

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                                okay, small update, this problem occurs no matter what choice you make after selecting another value, Revert, No or Yes

                                and, seems to only happen in FMP 11, just tried it on two other macs running FMP 8.5 and it didn't happen on those, but did happen on another mac running FMP 11 (we run a mix of 8.5, 9 and 11 all on macs served by FMS 8) but this particular file is stand alone on my local drive...


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                                  About DROPBOX - just put anything you want to share in the public folder, then right click it to get a link to share with others and post here.

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