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Bizarre problems with checkboxes and radio boxes

Question asked by KathrynWhitaker on Jul 11, 2011
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Bizarre problems with checkboxes and radio boxes


I am posting two posts because these are two separate problems with the same feature.

The first one-

I created a database using Filemaker Pro and set it up so that the checkbox and radio box fields allowed the user to add "other."

I then purchased Filemaker Pro Advanced and made a runtime version of the database. When I attempted to use the runtime solution, the "other" option showed up on the list and allowed me to type something in, but forced me to revert the field before doing everything else. It did not accept my selection of "allow" and simply kept giving me the choice until I selected "revert."

I noticed that in Filemaker Pro Advanced the fields are controlled through a different system- through the inspector. So I created a new field and a new value list and set it up as checkboxes. this didn't work either. This time, in FMPro Advanced, it inserted an upside-down, reversed image of the whole field.

I went back into my runtime and played that and now IT is making the reversed/flipped image as well.