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    Blank Line/Description/Seperator in Portal



      Blank Line/Description/Seperator in Portal & Layout


           Hi guys/gals,

           We've got a FM12 solution where the quotations module pulls in items from the pricelist table, calulcates prices/etc. As below.

           This then outputs to a pdf layout like below:

           What I'd like to do is be able to put a seperator between various items in the quote so I can either label a section of the quote seperate into sections/etc. Something similar to the below (not from our system but from a suppliers):

           Can any of you let me know if this is possible and if so offer any ideas how to do it?

           I was thinking maybe an empty product in the price list which can be renamed but I don't want to have a quantity or empty price field/etc like that on the quote.

           Hope the above is clear enough!!



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               I would not print/save as PDF from a portal to get this result. Instead, set up a list view report based on the portal's table. Then the Separators that you want can be sub summary layout parts where you sort by a category field to group the items in that category so that they appear as group under the sub summary layout part and it serves as the "sub header" that you want here.

               You might find this tutorial on summary reports helpful: Creating Filemaker Pro summary reports--Tutorial

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                 Hi Phil,

                 Thanks for that... Are you suggesting that I assign a category to each of the products which is then sorted by in the layout?

                 If so this couldnt work as it's quite plausable that the same lineitem could appear in different categories. i.e. we might have:

                 Ground Floor Units.

                 1 x Labour Charge: £30

                 First Floor Units.

                 1 x Labour Charge: £30


                 Have I understood this correctly?

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                   You know your data. I don't.

                   But what I see in your screen shot is sub head # 1 ( Outdoor unit and BC Controller ) followed by what appears to be 3 records.

                   Then I see sub head #2 ( Indoor Units ) followed by two more records.

                   I am assuming that the grouping of specific records under a specific subhead is not a random thing but that there is some "logic" to which records go with which sub heading. I did have a "category" field in mind but only as one of many possible ways that you might group records to go with a specific sub heading. It could even be a script that assigns the same number to all records intended to go with a particular sub heading and a different number for the next group....

                   I can only make general, speculative suggestions here as I don't know the "rules" by which you need this system to operate.

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                     Hi Phli,

                     There is no real 'logic' to which categories the records will be in - it completely depends on the quotation being done.

                     By that I mean there could easily be the same record/pricelist item in different categories (for instance labour/units could be in different sections.


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                       Here is the data model that I have been assuming:


                       In such a "quote", each individual item is a record in LineItems. For Labor/Units to appear twice, you'd need two records in LineItems--which is not a problem.

                       But you still keep talking in terms of "categories" after I have indicated that this is only one of many options. Note my reference to a script. You could literally pull of a list of line items, enter a "sub head" name into a text field and then click the line items you want to appear under it. A script assigns a Value unique to that "sub head" to each selected item.

                       Then a list view layout with sub summary parts based on the LineItems table can list all your items in the specified order grouped under sub heads. And the sub heads can use a summary field to show a sub total for each group of line items.