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Blank lines on label, not from carriage return

Question asked by sabrown on Feb 3, 2010
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Blank lines on label, not from carriage return


We recently updated our FMP 7 to FMP 9.

With this upgrade, our label layouts have gone awry with bizarre shadows on the formatting, which don't respond to using any of the formatting tools. 


My idea was to scrap the old label layouts and make a new one, however our new label layouts are rife with problems also.


I go to Create Layout/Report, select labels, select the appropriate Avery # and move forward to specify label contents, no problem there. Now I have my new label layout and preview mode shows that I have blank lines on the label.

After checking my data, the blank lines are not being caused by carriage returns.

In the past, filemaker has compensated for empty fields by moving text up. It seems like that function is not working here.


I've noticed that putting spaces in between fields on the same line, will cause a gap in the label elsewhere.

I'll try to recreate an example:


Problem: All text on one line runs together.


<<First Name>><<Last Name>>




Problem: Spacing in one line creates gaps elsewhere on the label


<<First Name>> <<Last Name>>

(blank line)


(blank line)

<<City>> <<State>> <<Zip>>


Can someone suggest how I can format these labels so they contain no gaps, and text isn't mashed together?

I'm probably somewhere between beginning and intermediate with FMP knowledge.


Thank you,