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    Blank or Zero?



      Blank or Zero?


           I have a field that takes in a blank. 

           This field says if what it takes in is not equal to zero; do step 1; else do step 2.

           Right now it's doing step 2. But I thought it should be taking in 1 because blank does not equal zero?

           Can anyone clarify for me?

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               In most cases, an empty field evaluates as though it contains a zero.


               The Average aggregate function and Average summary field do not "count" empty fields in the resulting Mean. 4, 0, 2 has a mean of 3. 4, blank , 2 has a mean of 3.

               If all the fields referenced in a calculation field are empty and the "do not evaluate if all referenced fields are empty" check box is selected, the calculation does not evaluate and it returns a null (empty) result.