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blank records to the bottom in SORT

Question asked by IreneCowley on Nov 26, 2013
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blank records to the bottom in SORT


     I have been using Filemaker for almost 30 years.  I used it for keeping track of my preschoolers information (20 years), making address rosters and sign-in sheets.  I also used it to track all the Girl Scout troops in our Neighborhood.  And I have used it to keep track of my Adult School records: personal info, test scores, assignment completions, etc.  I have been slow to upgrade my program, but created all my own layouts and was very happy with them..

     But NOW, I find, when I want to create a sign-in sheet, I cannot get the blank records to show (in list form) below the registered names in the class.  I always have newcomers, so I need five or six blank lines on the sign-in sheet. I used to 'fool' the system by naming them Zzzzz, Zzzzz, with a return in front of the zz's.  But now, in version 12, no matter how I configure them, they always show up at the top of the page.  Very confusing for my low literacy ESL students!!

     Please, tell me there is some way to force these records to the bottom of the list?  Let me know if you want a screen shot!