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Bloated HD requirements

Question asked by LaRetta_1 on Sep 2, 2009
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Bloated HD requirements


I understand (I suppose) how FMPA 9.0v3 might require only 474 MB (even after third updater) and moving to FMPA 10.0v1 might jump the space requirements to 802 MB (since vs. 10 has more bells and whistles).  But I cannot understand the huge difference between Pro and Pro Advanced.  Here is what I mean:


FMPro ....... v1 455 MB  v3 918 MB

FMPro Adv.. v1 802 MB  v3 1568 MB


Isn't the only difference debugger and custom functions?  And I cannot understand the huge difference between FMPA 10.0v1 and v3!!  What was in that last Updater which doubled the size of the program??  Heck, Adobe Acrobat 8.1.2 Professional only requires 1015 MB!! 


And are we going to be able to get an all-in-one installer like was done for vs. 9.0v3_full_ESD?  After all, they just came out with one for FM Server.


UPDATE:  10.0v3, Windows XP Professional SP2 (the accepted version for 10.0v1)