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Blocking/locking a field

Question asked by millebjoerk on Apr 16, 2010
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Blocking/locking a field


Hallo everyone


I have two fields (field A and B) which i would like to have locked if another field C contains any value (is non-empty). What I mean by locked is that the fields cannot be entered in browse mode. Is that possible either to do in a field calculation of field A  and B or in a script? If yes - how?


If possible i would also like another feature to happen at the same time. If field C is non-empty I would like the text "WAIT" to be inserted in field A and B, but in the colour red instead of blue as the text colour normally is in these two fields. The problem is also that field A is a date field and I want, in this specific case only, to insert text. Field B is a text field - so there shouldn't be any problem inserting text in that field. How can I do this?


Can any one help me? Hope you understand my description of my problems!