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    Blurred Fonts. Please Help!



      Blurred Fonts. Please Help!


      Yesturday, out of no where, some of my fonts started to look blurred or fuzzy and I have no idea how to fix it. It's only the bold fonts (arial) and a couple others. It has been working fine for years and just started this.

      Does anyone know of any solutions I can try to fix this? I use Filemaker all day long and don't think that I can handle looking at fuzzy fonts all day.


      Please help!



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          Howdy Robin,


          Questions before answers...(I hope I have any answers, it sounds pretty weird)


          1. Fonts are blurred on screen or in print or both?

          2. Are fonts still blurred in another font in the same field (ie. if you change the font in that same field does the blur go away, if you change back to arial bold does the blur come back)?

          3. Did the shop guys touch your monitor screen?  (Yes, a joke...though perhaps not a funny one)

          4. What FMP version and platform?

          5. Reload your backup...is it blurred too?

          6. Notice anything about arial bold in Word or XL or PPoint?