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    body of report



      body of report


      the body of my report only displays 1 detail record which i know i have more than 1 but the sub total of the grouped data has the right amount of money for more than 1 record

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             Is your layout set for form view instead of list view? You can select this from the View menu.
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               i checked both views and they both only list 1 detail record, they have more than 1 record
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              Ok, so much for the simplest possibility. (List view is the view you want for this type of report.)


              Go to layout mode and look at your layout parts. Do you have a part labeled "Body"? If this part is missing and you just have a subsummary part, that would explain what you are seeing.

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                   yes i do have a body section on the report. i am trying to do a basic expense report with category sub totals and a grand total. i would like to see each detail record also.
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                  And the layout you have should work, but doesn't.


                  Now for a much trickier issue. Check the position of your fields. Are their field borders close/on top of/ crossing the border between the body and the next part up? If even one pixel of an object crosses or is on top of the border between the parts, it will display as though it were wholly part of the upper part--which is either a Header or subsummary part most likely.


                  Try clicking on the fields and then use the down arrow to "nudge" them down one pixel or so and see if that makes a difference.

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                    First, did you check your found set?

                    Second, are you sorting properly by the break field?

                    Is the entire field within the layout part?

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                      Given that you're dealing with a summary report...


                      Here's a link to a simple tutorial on setting up summary reports that you may find useful:

                      Creating Filemaker Pro summary reports--Tutorial

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                        on the left of my edit layout i have header

                                                                        sub summary


                                                                        sub summary


                        all fields are not touching any division lines 

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                             explain found set and break field in easy terms
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                            Is your "subtotal" a summary field or a calculation field?


                            How many records do you see in your found set? (Check the numbers to the right of the pie chart in your status area at the top of the screen.)

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                              "break field" is the "sorted by" field you specified in your sub summary part. Your records should be sorted in an order that uses this field.


                              "found set" is the group of records that are accessible to your report. You can change what records are part of the found set by performing a find, choosing show all records, omitting records, using Go TO Related Records in a script...


                              For our purposes, see if you can choose "Show All Records" from the records menu. If you can, then select it and then sort your records by the break field(s) and see what you get.

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                                i used the tutor you recommended and it fixed my detail record problem but now my sub summary for each category is only picking up my last record of the list and my grand total is doing the same thing

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                                  How have you set up the field that displays the sub and grand totals?

                                  Is this a summary field or a calculation?

                                  It should be a summary field.


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                                       they both are summary fields
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