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    Body resizing difficulty



      Body resizing difficulty


      I set up a layout with a tab object and all went smoothly. I realized I did not need as much room as I initially thought so I tried to shrink the body size to rule out the need to scroll during data entry. I made the tab panel smaller at the lower edge but FM still won't let me shrink the Body area. I can only make the Body larger but not smaller. What gives?

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          FileMaker won't allow you to make the Body Part smaller than the edges of all objects, this includes labels, fields, portals, etc.

          Open your layout in Layout Mode. Do a Select All. Look all over for some object's handles (these are the little black squares at the four corners of an object) that are up against the body part where you are trying to make it smaller. You will have to resize or move the offending object to get it away from the Body part edge, then you should be to resize your Body part.