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Bold style appears "double bold"

Question asked by ThomasStaehli on Sep 15, 2009
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Bold style appears "double bold"




Some of my users (mac users) and myself started to have some problems with some printing layouts. The font used appears ok except on the parts in bold which appear like twice as bold as it should be.


I made some tests comparing with Microsoft Word and here's the conclusion I arrived to:


Whith some fonts (I tried with Arial, Verdana and Trebuchet MS), when you put a bold style (directly on the layout or in a calculation field), filemaker takes actually the bold version of the font and adds a bold style on it => double bold. 


Here's an example how it looks like in word (and how it used to look like in filemaker) 


Arial with bold style in Word



And here's an example of how it looks like in filemaker 


Arial with bold style in Filemaker 



Of course I could change all my layouts and choose the bold font instead of the normal one with bold style, but I don't really like that idea.

One solution I found is to delete all the font files (.ttf) with a style included and leave only the regular one. But again, I don't really want to do that on all the users computers.


Does anybody have a solution to this? The bug appears on both Leopard and snow leopard and with filemaker 9 or 10. 


Thanks a lot