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    Bonjour fails to install



      Bonjour fails to install


      Not a great start. Bonjour fails to install, which stops FileMaker Pro Advanced 11 from opening on my Windows 7 computer. Anyone help?

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          Don't think your windows computer can use bonjour... seeing as how that's an apple specific system program. What are you trying to do exactly?

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            Bonjour is required for FileMaker and there's a windows version that gets installed as part of the install process. I have it on my Windows XP system. Don't know why it didn't install on your Windows 7 system though...

            Filemaker will function without Bonjour. It just uses the application to scan the network for open, shared databases. This means you won't see any open files listed in the Open Remote dialog without it being installed on your system, but you can open said files if you enter the servers IP address or DSN followed by the file name. That'd be a major inconvenience, but you might at least be able to get things started while you pursue a fix for the Bonjour issue...

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              Guys, thanks for your posts. The installation package download from the website was unable to installl Bonjour and so Filemaker Pro wouldn't open. Was able to install both Bonjour and Filemaker Pro from the CD when it arrived; however, FileMaker Pro still does not open. At all. I tested the CD installation on a laptop. Filemaker Pro works fine on laptop. So problem must be with my desk computer. Both systems are Windows 7 64 bit. Any ideas as to what could be stopping it from opening on my desktop? Seems to successfully install; click on the icon and nothing.