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Bonus report by month

Question asked by TGreen on May 14, 2015
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Bonus report by month


We are creating a bonus/commission report (thanks to Philmodjunk for your help on that btw) and I am trying to find the best way to accomplish this. We have 4 fields: bonusname, date, amount, salesagent, and I am using calculations to automatically set the amount based on the bonusname. This will be a monthly sort of report, where once a month we go in and set the bonusnames, usually about 8 of them from a dropdown list, such as "1st sale of the week" etc. Now, what I did not plan well was a way to save /archive that month in the view and clear it out and start the next this best done through scripting you think? I thought about having a layout where they just input each bonusname record in by hand (using the New Record option) and setting the date, but I would like them to see which ones they have already chosen so they don't accidentally double them up...some sort of split view or something? again, I might be overcomplicating this :-)  (btw, I am still fairly new to Filemaker so please bear with me...I played with it a bit last year and am now just getting back to it)

Any advice appreciated