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    Book Inventory System



      Book Inventory System



      My friend has a great love for books and wish to keep an inventory check of her library (about 2000 books). We thought a barcode scanner will make life easier. After some search online, this product (http://www.intelliscanner.com/products/media/index.html)seem to be a feasible solution. Only problem is the functionality will be limited to the software requirements. At least with filemaker, we can easily add features with scripts and reports. That software claims that after scanning the barcode on the book, it has an online database that can retrieve the book information. I am not sure how regular is that being updated.


      This might sound a little far fetched. If I scan the ISBN code of a book, is it possible to automate to retrieve information online or is it the only way to manually enter all the book's information?


      Any suggestions? 

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             You can import the data from isbndb.com - if you know how to import XML.
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            Take a look at LibraryThing.com. This is an online system for inventorying books. For a small fee ($25) you get a lifetime membership and can inventory as many books as you want (I have over 4000 inventoried there.)


            You could then export that inventory to either a CSV or tab-delimited file, import it into Excel for tweaking, then bring it into an FMPro freeware solution like Lending Library or Inventory (or even Music Library), modifying any of those to serve your needs before the import.


            LibraryThing also sells a cheap barcode scanner ($15) that does the job nicely.


            See http://www.librarything.com/tools for details on the scanner, import/export options, etc.