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    book production schedule



      book production schedule


      Hello all:


      I am making a new layout to a database that I have been developing for my university. The database tracks the production of a book from our receiving it through the production process into digital audio or electronic text format untill the student receives the completed text. Up til now we have used an excel spreadsheet to track the production but would like to have someway in Filemaker of tracking the data.


      A collegue who has to use the data has come up with two mock ups of what he would like. We use a 15 week semester lay out with the parts of the text that are due that week in sequence.


      There are a number of questions that arise for me as a relatively new user of FM, I will start with the easy one and then get into calculations questions later.


      Firstly: I had played around with a portal that laid out the 15 weeks but I did not like they way it worked and was not at all sure if I could get the required data in any report that might be asked for. Then I decided to try a layout with 15 fields in it, one for each week plus each week has a PartName, DueDate, StartDate..etc. I found this very clumsey and obviously not what an experienced programmer would do...:-)


      I have attached a link to a word document that has the mock up on it. The first one is for a data entry layout that will have a calculation to fill in the Status field at the far right. What would be an elegant way of setting this up so that I could then have another layout with portals on it showing the progress of each week, as in the second example?


      I hope I have given enough information and that it is clear what I am trying to do



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          Portals would seem to work very well for the first screen.


          The second screen could be a portal or a list view layout.

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            Hi Phil:


            would I still use each week as a seperate field in my table? And does that mean that in my calculations I would need to have 15 different calculation scripts to come up with the Status field?


            Sorry if these seem to be simple questions but I want to understand how to set this up and use a calculation field...



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              The whole point to using a portal would be to avoid separate fields and separate calculations. Each week would be a separate record in the portal.

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                Ahhh, OK...and you can search by fields ina portal row, I assume...


                I will give that a go...


                Thanks Phil,  Much appreciated...


                I am going to go over how to do calculations as I have only done a couple and what I need on this looks to be quite complicated...I guess I will return with more questions...


                thanks again...



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                  ...and you can search by fierlds ina portal row, I assume...


                  You can enter find criteria in a portal row, but it helps to understand what results that will produce. When you enter find criteria in a field from a table related to your layout's specified table, you are telling filemaker "find all the records in the [layout specified] table that have at least one related record matching this criteria". Thus, entering "Apple" in a portal field will find all layout records where at least one portal record shows "Apple" in that field. You will still see the other portal records related to these layout records that don't contain "Apple" as long as one record in the portal does have this text.


                  Thus, you may find that for some searches, it works better to switch to a layout based on the portal records and perform the find there.

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                    I have set up my layouts for the book production schedule and as was predicted searches include all related records. I would like to try the suggestion about a layout based on the portal records. How is that set up?


                    This forum is great, thanks for the help so far.


                    all the best,



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                      What I suggested was simply select a layout based on the portal records and perform the search there. You can then design your layout to include fields from the parent record as appropriate. You might place such fields in the header or a subsummary part depending on what you need.

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                        Some time ago I have similar question and make application for this.

                        Video is HERE

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                          hmm. I am not getting this. I have a portal set up with the fields as in the first mock up. This portal shows all of the weeks of a term.


                          I then made a layout with a portal that has one portal row, hoping that I can just search for a particular week and have those results show, then using list view I would get a list of all the records for the searched for week, like the second page of my mock up.


                          What I get no matter what week criteria I put in is all of the related records that have my searched for week in them. So if I searched for week 4, the records that show up in my single portal row layout all start at week 1.


                          I understand that I don't understand...If you know what I mean...:-)


                          This is really close to working...


                          Can you give me a few more hints at what I need to change??





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                            Do not use a portal for this.


                            Create or select a layout that lists the portal records' table in the "Show records from" box in Layout Setup...


                            Perform your find there.

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                              ahhhh, OK  I will give that a go...Thanks Phil!



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                                works like a charm...


                                Shall I call this complete and start a new thread for the calculation field??