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Booking System

Question asked by DanielJenkins on Jan 31, 2015


Booking System


Hi there,

I have a few questions.

I am creating a database. I have two tables "Customers" and "Bookings". The data is then displayed in forms. 
How would I put a button on the customer form that directs the user to a new booking form that contains the customer ID of the customer record they were viewing when they clicked that button.
I.e. viewing Customer 0002 "Daniel Jenkins", click the button, a new booking form is displayed but contains the customer ID and corresponding customer details. I.e. "Daniel Jenkins", telephone number, e-mail address.

Also, is there any way I can display booking information on a customer form? When a user creates a booking they input the customer ID and that then looks up the customers data and inputs certain fields into the booking form. So on the customer form, is there a way to display bookings where the customer's ID number has been used? Also it would need to be able to display more than 1 booking, for cases where the customer has made several bookings.


I need to be able to create invoices for these bookings also. What is the best way? Would it be to create a table to store the invoice data that uses the customer ID and Booking ID to get the data from those tables? Then to create a form that the users can use to create invoices? I want the user to be able to view previously created invoices also.

Thanks in advance,
Daniel Jenkins