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    Booking system - help needed



      Booking system - help needed



      I am trying to use Filemaker Pro within my business as a platform to book customers onto tours that we operate in house. It therefore needs to: 
      1. Record customer contact information 
      2. Check availability of tours and whether we have any available accommodation 
      3. Book customers onto tours 
      4. Calculate the total cost per customer 
      5. Record details of payments made and the outstanding balance
      Does anybody have a template to do this / something similar that I could customize? - Or even any ideas re where I can look to track something down?
      Any help is really appreciated.Thanks very much.

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             Have you looked through the offerings at the FMI site? There is a section offering pre-built solutions, some free, some commercial. At least something you could get ideas or leads to a supplier.


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               I am trying to do a similar task.  We have cabin rentals in North Georgia.  I obtain the same information from our guests.  I will be starting a cabin rental property management business and will take on several cabins.  Part of this will entail creating a webpage for each cabin listing ammenities, rates, individual cabin rental calendar, photos, etc.  I wanted to keep all of this info in Filemaker and have it uploaded to my website looking very professional, appealing, and searchable by mountain view/lake/river & by # of bedrooms.  Can this all be done with Filemaker Pro and do I need the Filemaker Server to accomplish all of this?  Thank you for any help,
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              Thank you for your post.


              Yes, this can be done with FileMaker Pro.  Instant Web Publishing allows you to put your data on the web.  However, FileMaker Pro limits you to 5 web users in a 24-hour period.  If you expect more than 5 web users in a 24-hour period, then you will need to get FileMaker Server Advanced, which also provides Custom Web Publishing.  Please see our web site (www.filemaker.com) for more information about FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Server Advanced.



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