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Boolean test against checkbox variables

Question asked by NeilL9 on Dec 30, 2009
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Boolean test against checkbox variables


I am trying to use conditional formatting to display various sections of data within a layout.

I have a database that manages several types of analytical data, but not all the data is used in every record.

I use a checkbox to designate which tests are to be performed, and would like to an expression of the sort

 Evaluate ( Analytical::Tests="Appearance" )

to either hid or show the "Appearance" portion of the layout.


It works great as long as only Appearance is checked; if any other value is checked it craps out.  I'd like to be able to check multiple boxes, and for each one that is "true" display only the section that is pertinent.


How can I test if  a particular value within a value list is true, more as an "or" test rather than an "and" test?


I have seen solutions using portals, but I'd really rather not go that way if I can help it.


Thanks in advance!