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Border / Rule under multiple columns "If" function

Question asked by BP on Aug 2, 2012
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Border / Rule under multiple columns "If" function


I am a an intermediate-level FP7 user... I have a database that has multiple columns, that may go several lines long. I want to draw a rule / border between each new row, IF there is an entry in a specific column. (I'll try to illustrate here...)


1  9:30 AM   blah, blah, blah        so, so, so

                   blah, blah, blah        not so much



2 10:20 AM   huh?                     so much more

                                                in this column

                                                 than the other



3                                             see no entry in

                                               the other two

                                               columns, but then

                                               this last column has

                                               multiple text entries

                                               before being separated

                                               with a border



Thanks for any help, or pointing me in the right direction!