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    Bottom labels missing



      Bottom labels missing


           I  set up an Avery 5160 label layout in FM12, and it seems to work well, but the last three labels on the bottom of the page are not being used. Seems a waste, how can I get it to use those labels?


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               The combined height of header plus footer plus body times rows of labels per page is a few pixels more than your printer's printable area.

               Enter layout mode. Click either a layout part label. In the inspector, click the units to the right of one of the size or position boxes repeatedly until you get pixels or pts. Then, with the layout part still selected, reduce the height of the layout part by a pixel or two. (you may have to first resize or reposition a layout object.) Then preview the layout to see if you still get a blank bottom row.

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                 Thanks Phil,

                 I've another crisis to deal with for a few days, so i won't get to try the solution out, but that does sound like the very solution I need.

                 thanks again, Skip