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Bottons are disable

Question asked by kakei on Apr 20, 2010
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Bottons are disable & change the Length of List view


Hi, i am trying to use filemaker pro 11 to create a product list which shares the items' information to the others.


I have 3 questions:


  1. I created a few buttons such as "Insert photos", "print", "send mail", "go to layout..", and they work well at the filemaker. however, after i shared it (intranet) , and open the table/file through Internet Explorer, all the bottons do not work (other than "go to layout..").
  2. I have a field calls "Product Code". We search products by this number (eg. 17201). Usually we can only remember 2~3 digits such as "17" or "720". When I use the "Find" function provided, I need to menually put the "operator" into the search fields. Can I set " *##* " as default setting?

  3. When I have searched for example "17", there may be around 200 results.
    When I would like to go to "List view" to have a quick look, the results are splited into a few pages.
    Can I make them to be shown in One Long Page (not to split into a few pages)?

    Thank you so much!