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bound solution using USB file doesn't work

Question asked by janslort on Jun 1, 2013
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bound solution using USB file doesn't work


     I have created a multi file solution with 8 files using FM11 Adv. Pro.  I have some sensative data which I have in a "related" file on a USB memory stick appearing in portals in by database. When I tested it, before I bound it, it ran beautifully, reporting "file not found" If the stick wasn't in the port.  Perfect, just what I wanted; no data showed in the portal windows.  I then would quit, plug in the stick and restarted FM, entered the revisions to my sensative data, and or did my Internet task with it, and quit again.  This protected my sensative data from both internal and external compromise.

     I bound the files WITH my USB stick inserted, and with my other files into my solution.  When I run my solution, it gives me a message "File not found", it then shows a window which shows the file on the memory stick, with my file in it.  Clicking on it I get "file can't be opened because it is not part of the solution".

     What can I do to work this problem out?


     Jan Slort