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    Brand new rail user using Mac



      Brand new rail user using Mac



      I just purchased a Mac and have a question: I create small apps in MS Office primarily using VBA as my development tool, this is an easy "glue" language for linking the various Window app components, Excel, Access, etc.... I don't see a similar language in iWork and wonder how people develop apps on the Apple. I purchased beginner Xcode and Cocao but these seem quite a bit more complicated than VBA. I'm not a professional IT person. Can anyone shed light on my question? 



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          Check out Applescript and its little cousin Automator.

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            Yes, AppleScript is what we "scripting" people first reach for. The Microsoft applications have very large AppleScript dictionaries. They are a bit cryptic, and sometimes seem like an unholy merging of AppleScript "natural language" and "VBA syntax". AppleScript can use those dictionaries to do such things as run an Excel XLM Macro. With the just released Office restoring VBA functionality, its AppleScript dictionary is likely expanded also (don't really know about commands to run VBA, but maybe). 

            AppleScript can also run shell commands, much the same as Terminal, via a command: do shell script

            And FileMaker can run AppleScript directly, using the Perform AppleScript script step.

            There is also a new language, derived from AppleScript, new as of Mac OS 10.6, which allows you to use many common AppleScript commands within other programing languages; "AppleScriptObjC"

            AppleScript forums: http://www.macscripter.net/