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Brand New to Databases / Filemaker  a few questions...

Question asked by paintboothguy on Jan 21, 2010
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Brand New to Databases / Filemaker  a few questions...


Hello all, 

I am brand new to this software and don't know much of anything.  I am using the trial version of Pro 10.  I am working on a Mac.  My first task is to try and set up a product list that has product ID #'s, descriptions, retail and dealer costs.  I then need to be able to generate Invoices and have all fields populated automatically when I enter a product ID#.


I have downloaded the 'Invoices Demo,' and I believe I generally understand the concept, but I am confused on the following.


#1.  Why is there a 'Line Items' table in between the Invoices and Products tables.  What does this accomplish?

#2.  If I want to generate (hopefully) lots of invoices in the future, do I make a new 'Layout/Report' and Call it an Invoice? 


Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

-Thanks, Andrew