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    Brand New User Issue with Starter Solutions



      Brand New User Issue with Starter Solutions


      I just downloaded a 30 day trial of Filer Maker on my Mac Powerbook G4 (believe it or not).

      when I open Try Starter Solution from the Quick Start screen it launches the Starter Solutions dialog box and that box is completely empty with no templates, no nothing. does this mean I need to reinstall FM? 


      also, from the Quick Start box, i choose Hands On Tutorial - Start Now, I get a message Some of the files required to complete this action cannot be found. Please reinstall to restore any missing files. 


      What gives??

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          It means that not all of the needed files were successfully installed on your computer--including the tutorial and the starter solution templates. Re-installing is definitely something to try, but you may have trouble here as you can only install a 30 day trial once on a given computer. You may need to contact Filemaker Tech Support to see if they have a solution for that issue so that you can get a free trial working on your machine.