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    Breaking lost passwords



      Breaking lost passwords



      Have just returned to filemaker pro after a five years abscence. I have many files that i would like to adapt however they are all password protected - i cannot recall the username or passwords for them - anyone have an idea if its possible to recover these or not?




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          The passwords are not stored in the files. I don't believe there is a way to recover them. Did you try"Admin" as user name with a blank password?

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            The passwords are stored in the files, but are encrypted in current versions. Go back enough versions and they were not encrypted and quite extractable from a file--that's why they are now encrypted.

            There used to be "cracker" utilities that would extract the passwords. Current versions go the other route and insert a new account name and password into the file. These are "use at your own risk" utilities as they modify the file itself to gain access.