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Bridging Filemaker BACK TO Microsoft Excel

Question asked by MstrPBK on Jun 19, 2011


Bridging Filemaker BACK TO Microsoft Excel


For some time I have taken data from Excel and move it INTO FIleMaker.  It is a wonderful collabortion between two products.  This afternoon I notice, as i am pounding out a spreadsheet, that Excel now accepts data from Filemaker!  My question is ... since Excel can elegantly randomize, can it randomize enough to select one single record from a FileMaker database to enter data on a spreadsheet without pulling in the entire database?

Before people say pull in the database to Excel - it will be ok.  This database is mamouth in size and I can probalby bet that Excel cannot handle this database.  The data pull is intended to do quick tests inside Excel before I do the scripting and layout with-in FileMaker.

Thoughts, opinions, input will be appreciated.
I am working with FM Pro Adv 10 and Excel 2011 (both Macintosh)

Peter Kelley
St. Paul, MN USA