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Brief '<no values defined>' on Tab switch?

Question asked by disabled_JustinClose on Feb 13, 2013
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Brief '' on Tab switch?


     FMPA 12.03 on Mac OS X 10.6.8. 

     I have a modal pop-up window kind of UI thingy where a user is supposed to select from a variety of options (checkboxes).  I have one section that has many different parents with child options, so I put them on tabs.  No big deal.  The issue comes down to a visual problem:  when they switch tabs, they briefly see a "<no values defined>" message in the checkbox set area.  This isn't a straightforward tab switch or checkbox set, though.  :)

     I have a onTabSwitch trigger set.  The tab switch trigger script uses the name of the tab as a parameter to modify an ExecuteSQL() call and sets a field (TableA::FieldA for discussion).  (The ESQL call is against a different table from A, if someone is wondering.)  This field is the basis for the value list being shown in the tab sets, that is, it is a dynamic value list of sorts.  The fields in the two tabs are the same:  FieldA.  The value lists are the same:  a list based on a field (TableA::FieldA), show all values.  So when they click back and forth, the field, and thus the value list, updates each time.  Yeah, it's a bit odd, but it works. 

     This issue didn't manifest itself when I was testing it locally, but I only noticed it after I put it up on our server to be hosted.  I am guessing that this is an artifact of having to transfer data, but why does it give me the interim "<no values defined>" message?  I have tried various techinques:  a freeze window, a Pause delay, commit records, refresh window...nothing seems to really help.


     Any suggestions on how to make the UI pretty so it doesn't show this interim message?  I attached a screenshot; it is hard to tell the exact sequence here, but 'Web' was the active tab, and I clicked on 'Business', which hasn't completely been activated yet.

     Here's the switch script:


     Set Variable [ $param; Value:GetValue ( Get ( TriggerTargetTabPanel ); 2 ) ]

     Set Field [ TableA::FieldA ; ExecuteSQL ( "SELECT....  ; "" ; "" ; $param ) ]

     Commit Records/Requests[ No dialog ]

     Pause/Resume Script [ Duration (seconds): 1 ]