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    Brief '<no values defined>' on Tab switch?


      Brief '' on Tab switch?


           FMPA 12.03 on Mac OS X 10.6.8. 

           I have a modal pop-up window kind of UI thingy where a user is supposed to select from a variety of options (checkboxes).  I have one section that has many different parents with child options, so I put them on tabs.  No big deal.  The issue comes down to a visual problem:  when they switch tabs, they briefly see a "<no values defined>" message in the checkbox set area.  This isn't a straightforward tab switch or checkbox set, though.  :)

           I have a onTabSwitch trigger set.  The tab switch trigger script uses the name of the tab as a parameter to modify an ExecuteSQL() call and sets a field (TableA::FieldA for discussion).  (The ESQL call is against a different table from A, if someone is wondering.)  This field is the basis for the value list being shown in the tab sets, that is, it is a dynamic value list of sorts.  The fields in the two tabs are the same:  FieldA.  The value lists are the same:  a list based on a field (TableA::FieldA), show all values.  So when they click back and forth, the field, and thus the value list, updates each time.  Yeah, it's a bit odd, but it works. 

           This issue didn't manifest itself when I was testing it locally, but I only noticed it after I put it up on our server to be hosted.  I am guessing that this is an artifact of having to transfer data, but why does it give me the interim "<no values defined>" message?  I have tried various techinques:  a freeze window, a Pause delay, commit records, refresh window...nothing seems to really help.


           Any suggestions on how to make the UI pretty so it doesn't show this interim message?  I attached a screenshot; it is hard to tell the exact sequence here, but 'Web' was the active tab, and I clicked on 'Business', which hasn't completely been activated yet.

           Here's the switch script:


           Set Variable [ $param; Value:GetValue ( Get ( TriggerTargetTabPanel ); 2 ) ]

           Set Field [ TableA::FieldA ; ExecuteSQL ( "SELECT....  ; "" ; "" ; $param ) ]

           Commit Records/Requests[ No dialog ]

           Pause/Resume Script [ Duration (seconds): 1 ]





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               Definitely a creative alternative to the standard conditional value list methods. Too bad it isn't working for you.

               How does the values in FieldA control what check box values appear in the field?

               Is this, perhaps, a return separated list of ID numbers used in a link to a related table?

               Or is TableA a single record table such that all values in the single FieldA field become the source of values for the checkbox field's value list?

               Regrettably, the only alternative I can think of given this issue is to use a more conventional conditional value list. That adds more table occurrences to your relationship graph, but it should work without the glitch you are getting here.