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Bringing Excel data in

Question asked by LewisObn on Jul 17, 2012
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Bringing Excel data in


Hi, I was given some excel sheets that have different data, ie. names and email addresses, names and phone numbers, names and company, names and addresses, and they have different names and numbers of entries in each Excel sheet. I want to add them to a FileMaker Pro contact database I've created, but wonder how to get a ID key field into them that will allow merging on data where possible. There is no key fields now. It's seems rather painful to try and manually match and enter a key field to these Excel sheets, so I'm looking to see if anyone has an answer to do this?

Also, some users have more than one phone, and in the same field a type of phone, ie. "808-924-5566 Business", I have a separate phone field and category of phone, so each users could have more than one phone/type. I'll need to add these to to the records, so a key ID and a way to bring the phone/category of phone over is needed.

Thanks - L