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Broken Layout?

Question asked by kirbydoug on Dec 3, 2009
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Broken Layout?


Using a Mac w/Leopard I got tired of v6 and recently upgraded to FMP v10. Wow! I'm discovering cool stuff but finding issues as well. Immediately after converting I ran Recover and it told me I had problems and shouldn't use the recovered file...


um, one problem is that when I access a link to a related file FMP claims it can't find the file, not only is it in the folder that opens, it is even OPEN! Why can't it find it? Once I'v pointed it to the file in the directory, FMP is happy.

any thoughts? 


P.S. I see some of my scripts now look for filename 2, or filename 3 instead of filename. It doesn't seem to change anything if I remove the number...