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    Brother Printer issue



      Brother Printer issue


      Hi, Im trying to print to a Brother QL-550 label printer, but every time I hit print. FM crashes. It say that FM is not responding and then closes. This is very frustrating and I have changed every possible setting possible. Please help! Using windows 7 pc & FM Adv 11.

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          If you create a new file and try printing from it, do you get the same crash?

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            What do you mean by create a new folder?

            It's being executed thru a script to print info from one of the records in my products table.

            Spoke to a tech guy at brother, he told me to export my info to excell and then import it into the brother editor program and print it that way. But I dont see the point in doing it that way. Then I can just as well type it in manually.

            It has the function to connect to a database, but im not sure how to connect it to Filemaker.

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              What do you mean by create a new folder?

              The printing is being done through a script.

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                I didn't say create a new folder, I said create a new file.

                1. Launch FileMaker.
                2. Select New Database from the File Menu.
                3. Define a field or two.
                4. Switch to the layout, create some data in these new fields.
                5. Print by selecting Print from the file menu.
                6. Does this work?

                If it does, there's a problem with your original file. If it does not, then FileMaker and/or the Brother printer driver has a problem.

                You should also try printing by just selecting print from the File menu. If that works, then you can take a closer look at your print script for issues.

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                  Sorry, I missed read.

                  Ok so I created a new file and tried printing from it and it worked fine.

                  How can I fix my original file? I tried creating a new layout (simple layout) but as soon as I print it crashes.

                  This is very frustrating!

                  I've just tried something else, I created a new table, with 4 fields and printed it and it worked.

                  So it seems the problem is with my table for some reason. Any other sugestions?

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                    You can try updating your script. You can delete and re-create the print[restore] and/or Print Setup[restore] steps to see if that makes a difference.

                    You can check your file for corruption by using Recover to recover the file to see if any problems are detected and hopefully corrected. Even if no problems are found, test the recovered copy to see if the problem persists in the recovered copy.

                    If no problems are found in the recovered copy, but it works when your original doesn't, you may have a damaged index. You can rebuild the indexes in your file by saving a clone of your original file and using Import Records to move all the data into this new clone. If you have FileMaker 11, you can used advanced recover options to rebuild the index on your file also:  Choose only the options: "Copy File Blocks as is" and "rebuild field indexes now".

                    With the exception of the above index rebuild, best practice is to never use a recovered copy of your file if you can possibly use an undamaged back up copy instead.