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    Browse Mode full width



      Browse Mode full width


           This may seem like a simple question, but I cannot find the answer. In the past I could create layouts that would view 'full width' of the window in browse mode. Since 12, every layout I create is looked to the right edge of the layout width as set in layout mode.

           For example. I have two layouts, one pre-12 and one post-12. They are both set to the same width (787px). Both have three parts (Header, Body, Footer). Both have no borders on any of the parts (line set to 'None"). Both have the header and body fill set to white and the footer set to gray. If I go into browse mode I get different results.

           Pre-12 browse mode shows the header, body and footer backgrounds full width of the window. If I resize the window to any size, the part backgrounds fill the width.

           Post-12 browse mode shows the header, body and footer backgrounds at the set layout width (787px). No matter what size I make the window, the width remains 787px.

           How can I get the full-window-width to work again? Is this something that no longer works with layouts created in 12? Allowing the full-window width gives the solution a much more refined look when people open it in windows and screens of different sizes.

            Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

           FMPro 12.0v3 | OSX 10.8.3

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               This still works if you use classic themed layouts.

               For the other themes, you may still be able to get this to work if you enter layout mode and drag the new right hand border for you layout much further to the right, but test it and see. I can imagine situations where the use of auto-resize anchors may not produce the results you want if you do that...

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                 Thanks for the fast response Phil. I had started with a 'Blank Layout' figuring that would be sufficient. Based on your advice I also tried changing the theme of the layout. Changing to 'Basic > Classic' worked. Thanks!

                 Strangely, changing to either of the 'Classic Refined' themes did not work. So it looks like to get full window width in browse mode, the theme must be set to 'Basic > Classic'. I sure hope FIleMaker never decides to get rid of that theme!? Thanks Phil.

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                   changing to classic was only one of two suggestions that I made. The other is to drag the right hand layout boundary--which does not exist in Classic, further to the right--maybe very far to the right if you deal with large monitors.

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                     Thanks Phil. Yep, I did notice you're other suggestion as well. I just liked the 'Classic' approach better right now.