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Browse Mode Lookups

Question asked by ralvy on Dec 7, 2008
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Browse Mode Lookups


This quandry probably comes from not fitting into the FMP mold yet, but here goes. I'm used to constructing a RDMS application (with a different RDMS) so that the user, in Browse mode, can perform a lookup to find a particular record. More specifically, performing a lookup on the Last Name field shows the user a table of possible records for that particular data file, alphabetically sorted by Last Name. When the user types some letters, the highlight bar moves closer to the desired record. When the desired record is found, the user hits Enter and that record is loaded for examination or editing.


The closest ways I have found to duplicate the above is the following:


Add a global field to the table. Create 2 TOs for this table and link the global field from the first TO to the ID Number on the second TO. Create a layout based on the the first TO. Put a DropDown lookup field in that layout, and have it point to the first TO's global fiield. Have it access a Value List that is built on the ID Number field of the same table, and have it display and sort the Last Name field of that table. Then put fields in that layout that point to fields in the second TO.


This way, when I load the layout and touch the lookup field (the global field of the first TO), I see names sorted by Last Name from that source table. When I pick one, the fields in the layout are populated with values from the second TO.


This seems to work, but it seems like a lot of work to make this happen. I have a sneaky suspicion that there's a more to-the-point method for this.