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    Browse Option Grayed Out



      Browse Option Grayed Out


      After running a report, we need to be able to browse through several hundreds of listings to find a particular account name, yet on our report, the Browse options are grayed out. Why is that and how can we have the option of searching by name? I am not referring to being able to SORT. NO! Not what we need. We need to work quickly by typing a name in a Search field. This is AFTER we have run a report and are in the REPORT mode. Please help. Driving us mad.

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          Filemaker has three basic modes, Browse, Layout and Preview. It sounds like you have a script, (you probably clicked a button) that leaves you in Preview mode. The script may or may not be paused in this mode. In the bottom left corner of your filemaker window is a little pop-up menu. It probably says "preview" at this point in the process. If you click on this pop-up, do is the "Browse" option greyed out? That suggests that your script may be paused in preview mode. Perhaps you press the enter key to continue and this takes you back to another layout and returns to Browse mode? I hope you see I'm guessing here.


          If I've guessed correctly, you may be able to enter browse mode so that you can further work with your records by pressing the Esc key (windows) or Option-. (Option Period on the Mac). Some developers disable that capability so that may not work for you. When you return to Browse mode your report may change in appearance as some features are only visible in Preview mode, especially if you are using Filemaker Pro 9 or older.


          If you can't cancel the script like I described in the previous paragraph, you'll need to open up the script and modify it to do what you need.